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Personal Protective Equipment

What we’re doing, and how we can help you.

Here at Roadphone NRB, we have been closely following guidance from the UK government with regards to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We want to keep you – our clients, partners and contacts, updated on the steps we are taking to protect our staff and clients. We also want to make you aware of how we can help your organisation during this challenging time for the nation.

We understand just how important two-way radios are to your operation, and as well as taking the necessary steps to protect our team’s welfare during this outbreak, we are equally committed to providing our customers with the same high levels of service as you’ve come to expect from us. If you need us, we’re committed to being here to help, whatever happens.

Two-way radios can also be a great tool to help co-ordinate at a time of national crisis. With a fleet of over 20,000 radios, accessories and repeaters, we’re also committed to supporting organisations such as health services, military operations or other institutions, with rapid turnaround of equipment available.

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